µTorrent Pro Mod APK Download v6.5.5 – 2020

µTorrent Pro Mod APK Download v6.5.5

The sharing protocol P2P BitTorrent is very popular today. Big files can be accessed easily and comfortably on the user side. You don’t need to build a server to store as a developer, help you save on cost and bandwidth. Popular browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, however, do not support BitTorrent, so you need to install the Client to connect and access the files. So I think that’s a better option for μTorrent Pro.

About µTorrent Pro

Using P2P BitTorrent protocol μTorrent Pro is the most popular download application. It has several variations on various operating systems, allowing you to access big files quickly and easily over the Internet. BitTorrent is a file with the extension * .torrent. These are very small files, usually a few kb only. Don’t store info, Instead, the uploader details (who has the file you need to download), who are uploading, the display and the basic file parameters to download, such as name and height.

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Features µTorrent Pro

Name µTorrent Pro
Package com.utorrent.client.pro
Publisher BitTorrent
Category Utilities
Version 6.5.5 (Latest)
Size 10M
MOD Features No
Requires Android 5.0

How does the download process work?

When searching for and downloading a torrent file, μTorrent Pro will depend on the information found in the torrent file, then link to the Seeder (who holds the file and shares it). Unlike regular download processes, you will not be recovering all data from a server but from multiple Seeders. Essentially, a file is downloaded from multiple sources and then assembled into one file. And that also explains the mechanism of P2P (peer to peer), also known as the peer-to-peer mechanism I mentioned in the article earlier. When you hold files you will also become a Seeder.

µTorrent Pro has a fast download speed?

Yeah, μTorrent Pro connects to several seeders automatically to get data pieces, but it gives preference to seeders that are closer to you and who have better Internet speed. Many PCs can, therefore, operate as a storage center, but the cost of bandwidth is split into smaller parts such that congestion on the internet link is avoided. If you download/upload big files simultaneously, you can always get the fastest download/upload speed and people around unaffected.

Why should you use µTorrent Pro?

μTorrent Pro has introduced some new features compared to the free version to save battery and data for users. This is a power saver first of all. When the phone’s battery is too small it will interrupt all torrent download processes. The creator sees this as a problem because most users in the P2P community sometimes tend to let the app run automatically and don’t pay attention to the battery flow. The files can be corrupted or deleted entirely when your computer is being shut down.

We do need to note the data saver. You can set “Wifi only networks” mode or restrict the speed of file download/upload processes. After completion of such steps, the program should pause the torrent and run in the background.


How to install?

  • How to install Canva _v2.68.0 (MOD Unlocked).apk?
    1. Download the file Canva _v2.68.0 (MOD Unlocked).apk from APKMOBIAREA.
    2. On your Android phone, open the downloaded file Canva _v2.68.0 (MOD Unlocked).apk.
    3. Tap Install.
    4. Follow the steps on the screen.

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