Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK v2.4.3 Free Download – 2020

Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK v2.4.3 Free Download

Transformers have greatly inspired viewers around the globe since its release in theatres. After watching this film, we started to wonder “Could our cars be transformed into robots and protect the world? ”. The series’ new episode, BumbleBee, also generated very high revenue.

If you’re wondering why did I mention this robot transformation film, the answer is that it’s connected to the game I’m about to add. This is the new game of publisher Rovio’s Angry Birds Transformers MOD APK (Unlimited Money).

About Angry Birds Transformers

We would think Angry Birds and Transformers have nothing to do with each other. Angry Birds are beautiful birds living on tropical islands whilst Transformers are giant universe robots. But with the developer Rovio ‘s great imagination, they gave us an incredibly fascinating game, a beautiful combination of Angry Birds and Transformers.

Angry Birds Transformers is not a match-3 puzzle game, nor a trajectory shooter game, it’s an arcade and arcade-style action game. The game’s gameplay is similar to Jetpack Joyride. You’ll control the Angry Birds running across the screen, gathering gold and shooting blue pigs flying on the character’s left side. Correct.

Angry Birds are no longer small and cute. From now on, they are AUTOBIRDS, birds that can turn into a vehicle or an advanced-weapon helicopter. AUTO BIDS, however, can not defend the Piggy Island by itself. To stop the Eggbot, they have to ally themselves with their enemy, DECEPTIHOGS.

angry birds transformers mod

Features of Angry Birds Transformers

Name Angry Birds Transformers
Package com.rovio.angrybirdstransformers
Publisher Rovio
Category Action
Version 2.4.3 (Latest)
Size 460M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requires Android 4.1

Play with one finger

That right, that right. Angry Birds Transformers can be played with only one finger. AUTO BIDS move forward automatically, all you need to do is hit the enemies, towers and enemy fortresses to strike. Beware of such towers in stone. If you run across it, it will come down on you. To switch to a car or aircraft, quickly touch the transformation button, thus increasing your speed.

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Keep in mind that AUTOBIRDS comes in two forms: robot and car. And when you’re in robot form you can just strike. You will advance to the next level, overcoming all obstacles in one stage. And when your character is out of blood (indicated by the sign of the heart) you will be counted as a loser.

Meet your favorite characters

Like a game of Angry Birds combined with Transformers, players are of course going to be very interested in the character system. And yes, this is what publisher Rovio was really good at. You will meet familiar characters of the Transformers series like Optimus Prime and BumbleBee in the shape of cute Angry Birds (Red, Chuck, and Bomb) when playing Angry Birds transformers. And the blue pig-shaped Decepticons appear too.

You will unlock cool characters and adorable ones. — character has a robot shape and is capable of turning into a different vehicle like bikes, automobiles, buses, aircraft, and more. In the game, collecting characters helps to strengthen your team. You keep upgrading characters, upgrading weapons to get enough power to overcome difficult levels.

angry birds transformers mod apk unlimited gems

There are two ways you can upgrade your character, using diamonds or gold. Gold is your adventure currency but you have to wait a while (from a few minutes to a few hours). When you are not a patient, consider immediately completing the upgrade phase with the use of diamonds.

Some interesting modes

There’s a lot you need to do in this game. Angry Birds Transformers has some very cool modes to offer to fans. You can also do your best in Endless Run mode, in addition to the default mode. You will meet all of the characters that you have here. When one Autobird dies, then another appears and the battle continues.

In addition, you can customize your Autobird by unlocking robots’ masks, armors, or changing colors. Use your creativity to create unique robots. The game has many different modes and fascinating features that await you. Don’t miss out!

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Angry Birds Transformers has 3D graphics with horizontal views on mobile devices, in terms of style. Clear 3D graphics on your ride, with plenty of different landscapes. Beautiful beaches, deserts, rainforests, caves, or snowy mountains can be found. Though it’s an action game, the characters’ design is really cute and funny the way they fight. The game is therefore easily suited to all audiences, including kids.

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Features of Angry Birds Transformers MOD

When I hit level 30 things got harder slowly. Eggbot has very strong firepower, and they have many stone towers. You have to turn yourself continuously into vehicles and can not attack them. Our MOD Transformer Angry Birds gives you a lot of money and diamonds. You can upgrade new characters, and unlock them. You can easily defeat all enemies with upgraded power, and overcome difficult levels.

How to install Angry Birds Transformers_v2.4.3?

  • How to install Angry Birds Transformers_v2.4.3 (MOD Money).apk?
    1. Download the file Angry Birds Transformers_v2.4.3 (MOD Money).apk from APKMOBIAREA.
    2. On your Android phone, open the downloaded file Angry Birds Transformers_v2.4.3 (MOD Money).apk.
    3. Tap Install.
    4. Follow the steps on the screen.

    Download Here

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