BitLife MOD APK v1.32.1 100% Free Download – 2020

BitLife MOD APK v1.32.1 100% Free Download

If you want to know how each of the choices affects the life of a human, download and try BitLife MOD APK, a game of simulation that allows you to experience a new life.

BitLife is publisher Candywriter ‘s new simulation title. They’re not so popular with Google Play but they’ve made a big impact on the gaming world with only four titles. Their games also get their favorite players, as illustrated by, BitLife has got over 10 million downloads and several 5-star ratings on Google Play.

Features of BitLife APK

Name BitLife
Package com.candywriter.bitlife
Publisher Candywriter
Category Simulation
Version 1.32.1 (Latest)
Size 101M
MOD Features Bitizenship Unlocked
Requires Android

Nice Graphics

Life is something of a novel. You don’t know what’s going to happen next, the miracles are going to happen in your life or you won’t even know when the story is over. In essence, the gameplay of BitLife is close to visual novel games. Only thing, instead of selecting character lines, you’ll pick an action for each timeline of the main character.

Every year the game lists a series of events. And when your mother brings you to a vaccine for the first time, you may choose to sit still obediently orbit the mother’s hand to protest. To increase the protagonist’s age, press the Age button, and see what will happen in their lives.

bitlife mod apk

MetLife’s character has four basic indicators including Happiness, Fitness, Smart, and Look. Particularly the most important factor is health. It helps you have more later life opportunities. For example, you can join the rugby team at the school and have the chance to sign up for a popular club.

Outward appearance doesn’t affect the future too much. You should get plastic surgery when you have a lot of money to improve your Appearance.

Know there are options that can lead you to death. I was given a mine-clearing mission after joining the army (gameplay is analogous to Minesweeper). My goal is to track down three mines. And in the end, when he is 23, my character died.

After 18 Years Old

Eighteen years old is a very significant achievement in a human being’s life. At this time each choice significantly affects the rest of your life. That’s when you’ve just finished high school and began packing up for an arduous trip. You can sign up for the military, as well as attending a university, or go to work to earn money and experience life.

It all depends on your decision about what happens in the future. Even if you have a bad and tough upbringing, your ambitions will help you have a better future life.

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About Time Machine

Did you ever wish you had a time machine in the past and had anything changed? You still want to go back to high school and have the nerve to invite your girl to the prom. Of course in real life, we can’t do that. Only we can accept this and move on. But this is possible at BitLife. You can go back one or more years with the Time Machine feature to alter any of your decisions.

Looking For Love

This is one of BitLife’s incredibly fascinating features. It lets you date and marry girls that appear in your life. Some girls even if you’re married will flirt with you. You have to try to build a happy family. You can kill all by yourself, with only one mistake.

How to install?

How to install BitLife_v1.32.1 (MOD Unlocked).apk?

  1. Download the file BitLife_v1.32.1 (MOD Unlocked).apk from APKMOBIAREA.
  2. On your Android phone, open the downloaded file BitLife_v1.32.1 (MOD Unlocked).apk.
  3. Tap Install.
  4. Follow the steps on the screen.

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