Mario Kart Tour APK v2.1.1 Free Download – 2020

Mario Kart Tour APK v2.1.1 Free Download

For years the Mario Kart series has been one of Nintendo’s best-selling franchises. The title for the Nintendo Wii has everything it needs to succeed. Amazing racing fun, relaxing gameplay, and lots of features to discover.

The big racing franchise has now made it into the smartphone platforms. Therefore anywhere players can enjoy playing their favorite game. Find out more about our reviews of this amazing game.

Features of Mario Kart Tour APK

Genres Racing
Version 2.4.0
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Requires 4
Size 132.12 MB
MOD Features No
Updated 2020/06/10

About Storyline

Featuring Nintendo’s most famous characters, Mario Kart Tour takes us to epic racing adventures where players are in control of their favorite characters in a heated racing battle fighting against others.

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Racing Levels

In order to make things more competitive in the Mario Kart Tour, players will be restricted to some engines while fighting with each other. That said, you can choose between 50cc to 200cc engines, and enjoy racing with other players.

You can opt for the lowest or highest option depending on your skills and abilities. The game is quite slow on 50cc mode so it would allow beginners to get used to the game quickly without the veterans being overlooked.

On the other hand, you’ll need to rely a lot on your skills while playing with the 200cc engine to keep you on track. A wrong move or an untimely break would cause you the entire game.

Mario Kart Tour APK

Enjoy Racing On Different Tracks

Players are introduced to all kinds of strange and exciting racing tracks here in Mario Kart Tour that would certainly satisfy you. Race your way through some of the game’s most iconic maps including Gold Mine from Wario, Rainbow Road, Ice Ice Outpost, and so on.

Live intuitive experiences of racing like no other. Hardcore racers would find themselves having a great time battling one another out with realistic physics. The tracks come in varied shapes and sizes in addition, allowing for more completed racing experiences.

Augmented Racing Gameplay

The self-control racing tracks and various power-ups dispersed during your races are something that you would never find on other traditional racing games. That said, players will not be fighting themselves with Mario Kart Tour, but also the race track, as it often changes its terrain or creates obstacles for the players.

And, in Mario Kart Tour, there are tonnes of different power-ups for players to deal with your opponents or give yourself a little boost. Make good use of them to bring you nearer to the finish line.

Graphics Quality

The game features exciting 3D graphics that are truly impressive, particularly when made for Android devices. The gameplay is relatively smooth with no lags or whatever in addition. Players will get great racing experiences on their Android devices with detailed characters.

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