YouTube Vanced APK v15.05.54 100% Free Download – 2020

YouTube Vanced APK v15.05.54 100% Free Download

YouTube Vanced APK acts as a MOD clone of Youtube. This program has several extra features that will help you overcome some irritating issues while using the standard Youtube version. The idea to execute this project originates from the Xposed Module. In fact, the application was originally called YouTube Background Playback (the feature running in the background), after which they renamed the project to YouTube Vanced (short for Advanced).

Features of YouTube Vanced APK

Name YouTube Vanced
Publisher YouTube Vanced
Category Photos & Videos
Version 15.05.54 (Latest)
Size 33M
MOD Features No
Requires Android 4.1

You Can Use Background Like YouTube

It is annoying that this application doesn’t allow you to run in the background when using normal YouTube. Your girlfriend sends a message on Messenger while listening to a favourite song. To respond to the message you must pause your favorite music and turn to another program. Your time listening to music has shrunk dramatically.

youtube vanced apk download

That disadvantage has been overcome by YouTube Vanced. The app lets you run in the background as popular smartphone music players. You can therefore both listen to music on Youtube, read newspapers, use text messages or use Instagram. Even if your screen is locked this app still runs.

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Enjoy Without Ads

Naturally. This is one of youTube Vanced’s most important features. This software blocks advertisements when watching Youtube videos. If you watch movies, listen to music or watch video cooking videos and are constantly annoyed with ads, this app is a great option for helping you solve any problems.

By default this feature is enabled when this application is downloaded to your phone. This feature can of course be enabled or disabled optionally. This software has a different interface to the original version, so you can install and use it quickly with no problems.

You Can Watch High Quality Videos

Do you think so? You can now zoom in with two fingers in on the video, just like you zoom in on a photo. This function is optimized for 18:9 screens and rabbit ear screens in devices. YouTube Vanced would also force the maximum resolution for each video, i.e. you will only see the highest quality videos. Make sure that your internet speed is stable for that function to work.

Final Words

With me, youTube Vanced is Youtube’s best extended version. I also watch videos on Youtube in my spare time to relax. This program has helped me get a better experience and it has solved some of the initial program ‘s drawbacks. I love this app, you what?

How to install YouTube Vanced?

  • How to install YouTube Vanced_v15.05.54.apks?
    1. Download the file YouTube Vanced_v15.05.54.apks from APKMOBIAREA.
    2. On your Android phone, open APKMOBIAREA Installer.
    3. Tap Install -> Select YouTube Vanced_v15.05.54.apks.
    4. Tap OK.
    5. Follow the steps on the screen.

    Download Here

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